Present Research
  1. Embeded process control system for nanometric size particles processing machines.
  2. Modelling and Simulation of The River Nile - Qattara Depression Gravity-Flow Pipeline. more....
  3. Alternative methods to conventional control theory for nonlinear control problems using soft computing techniques: It is possible to predict an optimized multivariable control surface for any nonlinear plant at any instance via some novel techniques without knowing the plant model nor using any complex mathematical modeling and analysis. This new control technique might be realizable in real time control systems for large-scale industrial plants such as Oil & Gas refineries, power generation, and petrochemical.

  4. Intelligent renewable energy systems: These artificial intelligence systems interact in real-time with natural environmental conditions, feed on current conditions, generate power, and export to power grid.

  5. Stabilization of wind power systems: It is possible to realize an automatic adaptive internal structure of a wind turbine to produce/export stable power in all wind conditions.

Previous Research
  1. Modeling and Control of a Cascaded Reservoirs Hydropower System.
  2. Design and simulation of real time fuzzy optimization systems.
  3. Design and simulation of Fuzzy nonlinear control systems.
  4. Nonlinear systems mathematical modeling and simulation.
  5. Fibre Bragg Gratings, All Optical Control, Fibre Optic Sensors.
  6. Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (DOS Based) for 300 tons Cold Store.
  7. Computerized Instrument Maintenance Management Systems For Offshore Oil Fields.
  8. Automatic Fuel Coupons Processing & Imaging Systems.
  9. Unmanned Solar-Wind-Power Generation & Irrigation Systems.
  10. On-Site Distributed Control Systems - Control Tuning & Calibration Techniques.
  11. Instrument Gas Trap Automatic Operation & Protection System for Oil Production Offshore Wellhead Platforms.
  12. Over Speed Vehicles Infrared Detection System.
  13. "PocketNurse" Medicine Dosing System.



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