The River Nile - Qattara Depression Pipeline


The River Nile - Qattara Depression Pipeline
(Al Afuk Al Garby Channel)


Abstract: This is one of my recent ideas [1], as shown in the figure, I am proposing to connect the river Nile most down stream (Rosetta - Mediterranean Sea) end to Al Qattara depression (a basin in the Western desert of about 26,000 km², the bottom of which is about 80 - 120 m below sea level) via gravity-flow pipeline, aiming to create a strategic fresh water ultra reservoir in western desert and to obtain massive renewable energy via hydropower using the Nile water, which would be a better alternative to the original Egyptian plan (Professor Penk in 1912, and later by Dr. Ball in 1927) that involves the transfer of water from the Mediterranean sea to Al Qattara depression [2].

Modelling and Simulation of The River Nile - Qattara Depression
Gravity-Flow Pipeline

The are three main objectives of this research work (phase 1):
  1. Finding the optimal path of the proposed gravity - flow pipeline via mathematical modelling in terms of diameters, flow rate, losses, and other environmental parameters.
  2. Building a mathematical model to simulate several gravity - flow scenarios.
  3. Prediction of the generated power profile for 20-years in the lights of some important environmental conditions such as seasonal climate conditions, river nile variant water level, and evaporation rates.
[1] Published (Press Released) in Al Ahram Newspaper, 31/07/2009, page 17.
[2] Managing Water for Peace in the Middle East: Alternative Strategies, United Nations University Press (UNUP-858), ISBN 92-808-0858-3.


(c) 2009 Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud